Rebuilding Blush’s webshop with Shopify 2.0 for a fresh redesign and more efficient performance


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Rebuilding Blush’s webshop with Shopify 2.0 for a fresh redesign and more efficient performance


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For over twenty years, Blush has been crafting beautiful jewellery, turning special memories into invaluable keepsakes. Their belief is that jewellery is a way to open up true connections and symbolise deep emotions. For the last three years, we’ve been guiding them through e-commerce management and development, and now it was time to offer our ‘Build’ pillar, by creating their first custom website.


Speed performance was one of the main reasons for a rebuild.

After a few years of building on top of an outdated version of Shopify, every addition was a ‘workaround.’ This in itself isn’t problematic, but after a while it can be difficult to organise and see clearly what’s useful and what’s not. When developers would add custom code (to try to optimise speed performance), they would have to spend a lot of time going through existing code and removing unnecessary parts. In the end, the time spent on that process was almost as much as investing in a full rebuild.

The move to Shopify 2.0 would also allow for new built-in functionalities that were until then, running on apps. The use of apps meant that the webshop ran far slower, especially with complex apps. By integrating the functionalities in the rebuild code, speed would be optimised.

Taking ownership of the custom code and moving away from a premade template would also allow the brand to influence the design in a way that felt more like themselves and enhance brand identity.


Our team built fully custom code with the client’s unique requests in mind. 

  • This healthy code eliminated the prior ‘workarounds’ and removed unnecessary code that slowed down the webshop and removed bug-risks
  • Shopify 2.0 functionalities were integrated directly, taking full advantage of the platform’s offer and enhancing the efficiency of the webshop. 
  • The re-design reflected the core values of the brand. Placing focus on relationships, connection and intuition through a warm and feminine visual identity that can be felt throughout the webshop.


Overall, a fresh, more efficient new webshop that best showcases the unique craft and identity of the brand. Customers can use the webshop with far more ease and get to know the brand better due to the greater focus on branding elements that work cohesively with the rebuild. 

  • +30% increase in CVR compared to the previous year