How Merrachi uses Klaviyo as a marketing communication tool in a way that still reflects their brand identity






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How Merrachi uses Klaviyo as a marketing communication tool in a way that still reflects their brand identity


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Merrachi is a brand that values modesty, quality and exclusivity above all else.

Founded in 2020 by its namesake (Nada Merrachi), this woman's fashion brand creates high-quality garments that allow women to embrace their love of fashion and femininity, while still aligning with their core values. 

Tapping into that modesty with their sales strategy, the brand uses exclusivity with drops to spike interest and sales from their loyal customer base. Items would sell out quickly, making interest for the next drop grow even more. Scarcity is a smart way to build on a brand’s reputation of being exclusive. One of the unique ways they do this online is by closing the webshop a couple of days before a drop, and notifying their newsletter subscribers just before the items become available.

A great sales and branding strategy, but how to get more people in the know about it?


The Merrachi team started using Klaviyo for their marketing communication and due to the platform’s user-friendly nature, they had a good start in terms of what content they wanted to share. However to really maximise Klaviyo’s potential, a strategy and dedicated team to implement that strategy were needed. 

With a vast Instagram following - the founder herself having close to 200K and the brand over 90K followers - many of those were not (yet) converted to be newsletter subscribers. In a recent report, Hubspot noted; “Email is an OG marketing and communication strategy that’s still exceptionally powerful. Email marketing is tied for second place as the channel that provides the highest ROI.” (Hubspot, The 2024 State of Marketing & Trends Report).

An important thing to consider is that newsletters can often get a negative reputation among customers for being spammy and mainstream whereas Merrachi’s identity is about conveying subtlety, modesty and exclusivity. The experience our team has of Klaviyo meant that we could tailor something that could convert their big fan base, while still in line with the brand’s identity.


Our team created and implemented a custom strategy focused on email automation and ‘engagement tracks.’ The aim was to take advantage and continue the brand’s preference for exclusivity and scarcity, (instead of implementing the common ‘send more emails’ approach that brands take.)

With engagement tracks, we sent out emails to different levels of engagement segments of different types. This way, emails were going out often but to different people, which means that not every customer received an email every time one was sent. It’s a great solution to avoid email fatigue and emails being perceived as ‘spam’ - whether by the inbox or the receiver. 

Using data to engineer the best plan, our team came up with the following key points to apply to the Klaviyo strategy:

  • Implementing a personalised sending cadence for campaigns (newsletters), focusing on engagement tracks send-outs 
  • Implementing (what we consider) the ‘core’ automation flows and continuously added relevant advanced flows - more complex and tailored to the brand’s customer journey
  • Integrating their drops sign-up forms to Klaviyo for consistent list growth - as these were clearly the main lead gen moments that worked for the brand


In just three months of the partnership, we’ve seen fantastic metrics in Klaviyo. One big win is the consistent list growth we’ve noticed, without needing to rely on any welcome discounts that brands often have in place now as an incentive. Automation of emails has also relieved the Merrachi team of having to spend time or energy in coming up with ideas. According to Hubspot, “62% of email marketing teams take two or more weeks to create an email.” Giving the team back their time is invaluable for the brand's success.

Other key data highlights include:

  • Form submission rate of over 60% before collection drops
  • List growth of 25% in 3 months
  • 71% of revenue attributed to Klaviyo in 3 months
  • Click rates and conversion rates performing 95% better than the industry standard

Further, this is a great case study that shows how a brand can utilise marketing communication tools in a way that best suits them and not fall into the trap of ‘spammy’ emails and compromising their identity. It’s an example of how quality (in the form of scarcity and exclusivity here) beats quantity.

“Having an intentional strategy when it comes to e-mail marketing has created another channel of communication with our customers, keeping them interested and informed but still in a way that feels true to us.”

Nada Merrachi (Founder)