Creating Daily Paper’s digital showroom with Shopify Plus




July 2023

Creating Daily Paper’s digital showroom with Shopify Plus

The Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand Daily Paper has been presenting its collections to retailers worldwide during Paris Fashion Week for several years. Every season, they would create a brick and mortar showroom to showcase their Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter creations, so that buyers from all over the world who were in town during Fashion Week could not only view the new products in person but also discover the concept and stories behind each collection.

They created an immersive experience at these showrooms that would portray the storyline and concept created for the collection being presented. Each showroom was completely different from the previous season, featuring unique art installations and community events.

With sudden travel restrictions and social distancing in early 2020, the brand had to quickly adapt to reimagine how they could still create this one-of-a-kind immersive experience that they’re known for, but now in a digital scenario.

We worked together with Daily Paper to create their Digital Showroom for the Spring/Summer 21 collection – a custom-designed and developed shop built on Shopify Plus and adapted to their wholesale needs. Here, we share a recap of the key elements of this B2B-focused Shopify webshop.

Introducing the showroom

The mix of high-quality content combined with custom design and development is what made it possible for Daily Paper to continue to present their creations interactively and engagingly, but now digitally.

When visiting the showroom’s URL, the visitors were welcomed by a 360 degrees video created by La Crapule Studio. By dragging the cursor, visitors could explore the surroundings of the universe ‘Future Roots – an exploration into the past, present and future’, which was created as the concept for the collection.

At Daily Paper we value the innovative and impactful concepts created for each one of our unique collections. At the physical showrooms, we always had the chance to make these concepts come to life, by transforming them into actual experiences. When that was suddenly no longer an option, we quickly shifted and saw the opportunity to use technology and creativity to continue creating these experiences online.

Rodney Lam – CEO at Daily Paper

Invite-only access

Just like at a physical showroom, the chance to preview a collection seasons ahead is limited to those within the B2C network, and not open to regular customers. To keep the same criteria online, account details were required to continue browsing through the showroom past the introduction video. Set-up using Shopify’s ‘customer accounts’ feature giving the merchant the ability to send out invites and approve or disapprove account creation requests.

Collection Page

To stay in tune with what the offline showroom experience would look like, the collection page was adapted to serve as a catalogue of imagery of the pieces being presented, without showing any product information at this stage. Users could also choose to view either model shots or product stills.

Product Page & Cart

To create a B2B proof product detail page, high order volumes was the leading functionality of this page. Users could add fill in sizes per quantity and simultaneously add all sizes to the cart.

Once in the cart, users could still edit or review their order, by viewing an overview of images and the total number of units in the cart.

After sending through their orders, the B2B partners would find their order details on their account page, where it was possible to easily download an order overview in PDF or Excel, as well as an overview of the full collection (Linesheet).

Why Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus allows Daily Paper and any other Plus merchants to create up to 9 additional stores, adding up to 10 stores in total. This allows the brand to create the Online Showroom store in the same Shopify Plus Organisational Admin without any additional Shopify subscription costs.

The Online Showroom built on Shopify Plus allowed Daily Paper to continue to present their collections in creative and forward-thinking ways and introduced new scalable and optimised steps to the wholesale process.

Shopify Plus also offers a B2B solution with which the platform can be used fully for wholesale, all the way through checkout and invoicing.