Customer Experience: your Customer Service team plays a big role in your brand’s success




July 2023

Customer Experience: your Customer Service team plays a big role in your brand’s success

Image: Daily Paper

How Customer Experience Can Help Scale Your E-commerce Brand

With more and more consumers flocking to their mobiles, the rise of e-commerce shops is booming. In an overcrowded market, it’s easy for brands to be overlooked. Having a great product is just not enough to cut it.

At brick and mortar stores, having direct contact with a salesperson is one of the perks of shopping in person. They'll guide you, answer any questions you may have, address your concerns, and hopefully help you make the purchase that's best for you. In the end, you'll leave feeling well taken care of and satisfied with your customer service. However, how can e-commerce brands deliver a similar feeling of satisfaction through their online channels?

Customer Service vs Customer Experience

Customer service refers to a specific time in the consumer journey when a customer requires help or support. Whereas, customer experience is how a brand talks to its customers at every step of its consumer journey, specifically in e-commerce spaces. Creating and committing to both are equally crucial to sustaining and solidifying your brand loyalty.

Your customer experience helps you to stand out from the noise and grow your business. Listen to the consumers - 90% of them worldwide say the quality of a brand's customer experience is linked to their sense of brand loyalty and making repeated purchases.

Often brands overlook this detail as they scale their business, while its pull is mighty.

How customer experience impacts the growth of your business

Customer experience is a determining factor in purchasing. It's hard to refute the increasing demand for customer experience. A customer-centric business model is vital—it'll help boost conversion and retention. As a result, so will your revenue.

Rising acquisition costs in e-commerce are forcing brands to build and strengthen long-term customer connections. However, pulling your efforts into growth and retention is incomplete without a solid customer experience to back it up. We recommend starting early and considering customer experience as part of your growth strategy. Without it, you stand to lose your existing customer base.

That's why we've partnered with Stone&Bridges, a customer experience consultancy. They offer a range of services from web care and software management to tailored solutions for your customer service teams whether long-term or short-term.

Bonus: 3 tips with actionable suggestions you can implement

Tip 1 - Create a tailored plan for your customer base and their needs—for every part of their journey, not just during post-sales.

How? Add live chat with a sales advisor or customer experience agents to assist customers with questions on concerns around purchases, returns or general inquiries.

Tip 2 - Invest in tools to optimise and ease the load for your customer experience agents as your business expands.

How? Implement a platform like Gorgias, which allows you to connect to Shopify data in under a minute to receive customer and order history at your agents’ fingertips.

Tip 3 - Ensure customer experience agents work aligned with your logistics and e-commerce teams to avoid overload.

How? Set up communication channels and routine touchpoints to make sure that both customer experience and logistics teams are in the loop about when to expect peaks in orders.

It's time to start considering your customer experience and implementing it into your E-commerce strategy—it may just be one of the key factors to attracting and retaining happy customers.