Integrating Klaviyo Reviews into Rino & Pelle’s marketing strategy to build trust with new and existing customers




November 2023

Integrating Klaviyo Reviews into Rino & Pelle’s marketing strategy to build trust with new and existing customers

Klaviyo is a marketing tool we implement in all of our manage and grow strategy plans for clients. Its various features and easy-to-use system make it a brilliant tool for brands to communicate with their audiences as authentically and considerately as possible.

Recently, Klaviyo launched Klaviyo Reviews, a separate platform to collect product reviews. Research found that 93% of customers look at reviews before committing to a purchase, and so Klaviyo saw the opportunity to enhance their offer by developing this feature. It’s available for all Shopify users and integrates easily into Shopify stores so that reviews are publicly displayed on webshops.

A long-term client of ours, Rino & Pelle were looking for review tools for their website and Klaviyo Reviews had just launched, so we put the idea to them to integrate Klaviyo Reviews in their existing Klaviyo package, instead of choosing a new tool.

The process

The integration process was smooth and straightforward. There was some development work needed in order to place the review block on the website, but from the first agreement to the tool launching live took two weeks. Efficient!

The next step was e-mail automation as a means to collect reviews from customers who had purchased a Rino & Pelle item on the webshop. We also built a flow that sent an automated email if someone left a bad review, offering them a discount and a customer support contact. Klaviyo also enables the brand to reject, publish or respond to reviews through the platform, no external tools needed, making the whole process more efficient.

The outcome

There are a great number of pros to using this tool. The structured and efficient nature of the e-mail flows means they are well-timed and engage with the customer just the right amount. It’s a great way to build trust with shoppers - both ones who have bought from you as you can reward their support, and new customers who are looking for assurance from other like-minded shoppers. The reviews also enhance the product page and give additional content for newsletters.

In the case of Rino & Pelle, we’ve seen that the e-mail review request flow has almost a 50% opening rate and a 9% click rate. This indicates customer interest and engagement. We also saw that there was a significant increase in how many reviews were given once the flow was sent live to request reviews, with 4% of people leaving a review.

Regarding the cons, we noticed that the customisation options within the tool are currently limited. With some development work, we made changes to the look and feel, but users shouldn’t expect the extensive drag-and-drop editor they’re used to in Klaviyo’s e-mail editor. But since this is a new tool, we expect there’ll be more customisation features launched in the future.

Overall, this has been a great addition from Klaviyo and another example of their team tuning into what audiences need before making purchase decisions. Though a marketing tool, it’s using real people to give subjective opinions which is authentic and creates a more humane feel to what is ultimately an encouragement to make a purchase. Our team expertise in Klaviyo was evident in how seamlessly this new tool could be integrated and quickly show good results.