Visiting Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Chun Café




June 2024

Visiting Paris Fashion Week in collaboration with Chun Café

For a second year running, we visited Paris Fashion Week with the intention of catching up with clients, making new connections and keeping them all hydrated. We partnered up with our friends at Chun Café – Amsterdam’s popular hotspot known for its tasty treats and crazy queues.

With the help of our mobile cart, we cruised around the Le Marais area of Paris, where the majority of Fashion Week events were taking place. Offering refreshing Iced Matcha and Lemonade was a great way to interact with new faces and be generous to those we already knew.


Overall, it was a great success. We find Fashion Week an integral part of our business as we believe making personal connections strengthens us overall. Being in the midst of the industry we serve, we also get inspired and are aware of future trends, potential opportunities and get a sense of where other like-minded people are headed within the industry. 

Working together with Chun Café was also super smooth and we loved bringing a slice of Amsterdam to Paris. Collaboration and authenticity are key values of ours and this experience with Chun Café is a testament to how great it can be when you approach business and community in the same way.