Why retention is the true measure of your brand’s success




May 2024

Why retention is the true measure of your brand’s success

These last decades have seen the world become increasingly reliant on digital platforms. And the COVID-19 pandemic propelled that reliance even further when our buying behaviours shifted almost exclusively to online during that time.

For some businesses, they experienced growth like never before. But now, even those who thrived during COVID-19 are unable to find a steady rhythm since the world opened back up again. Economic instability, socio-political changes, and people’s lifestyle changes (as a result) have a huge effect on the e-commerce landscape. The tighter restrictions on third-party data mean that businesses will have to rely on data collected directly through their customers, which will require a trusted relationship. That’s why we believe retention is where businesses should focus their efforts to generate sustainable growth.

At Not selling liquid, we know the importance of customer loyalty and how it can positively affect business. We specialise in creating growth through retention channels while staying true to your brand values and community. Here’s what you need to know.

Prioritising Retention

In this saturated landscape where many brands and businesses offer much of the same, how do you make sure your brand is the one they choose? Customer retention is a critical strategy for sustained growth. By nurturing existing customer relationships, brands maximise the lifetime value of their customer base, meaning higher ROI, fewer CAC, and over time, generating more information on their customers so know how to communicate with them correctly.

The key to retention is creating a relationship with the existing consumer. Through loyalty programs and customer engagement, customers share their behaviours and preferences, giving the business more scope for personalisation through leveraged first-party data.

Repeat customers who are happy with you are also likely to spread the word to friends and family, enhancing your chances of new customers - without spending money on acquisition. All this means you get to then focus on growing your product or service, rather than always looking for new customers. 

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Personalisation: Leverage data to offer tailored product recommendations based on customer preferences and browsing history
  • Exclusive Rewards and Incentives: Offer exclusive perks, discounts, and rewards to loyal customers to incentivize repeat purchases
  • Seamless Post-Purchase Experience: Invest in a qualified customer service team and tool to nurture the client’s relationship with your brand

Measuring Retention

To gauge the effectiveness of retention strategies, brands need to track key metrics that indicate customer loyalty and engagement. Some essential analytics metrics to measure retention include:

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Calculate the total revenue generated by a customer over their entire relationship with the brand
  • Repeat Purchase Rate: Measure the percentage of customers who make more than one purchase within a specific time period
  • Churn Rate: The rate at which customers stop engaging with the brand or making purchases over time.

Our unique approach

Our retention team focuses on two main approaches: e-mail automation and strategy (Klaviyo) and Loyalty and Rewards (Yotpo). With years of experience with diverse fashion brands, we know how to implement strategies that best suit your brand: it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. Together with each brand, we find the most authentic way to incorporate their unique customer retention strategy in the digital landscape.

We’re passionate about making your customers feel seen to drive your growth in the e-commerce landscape. To do that, you need to really understand your customers and keep up with them to give them personalised experiences. The better you know them, the easier you can market to and communicate with them and in the end, sell to them. High retention rates also speak volumes about the quality of what you’re offering - people will only keep coming back if your product is great. 

We work closely with you to fully understand your needs and your audience so that the approach taken feels the most like your brand.


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