The 360 approach that took Arte Antwerp into a whole new online playing field


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The 360 approach that took Arte Antwerp into a whole new online playing field


UX & UI Design
Klaviyo email automation
Shopify Plus


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Retention & CDP
Project management
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Growth strategy
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Increase in revenue (Yoy)


increase in Average order value (YoY)


increase in revenue attributed to e-mail


Our long-term partnership and omnichannel strategy with creative house Arte Antwerp has seen the brand go from strength to strength. Since stepping onto the scene in 2009, Arte has been admired and desired and it needed a serious strategy in order to facilitate the deserved interest in its offering to the world of contemporary fashion.

Working with Arte incorporates all of our brand pillars; we build, manage and grow its online presence to get them to achieve results and sustained growth. They trusted our intrinsic knowledge of the fashion industry and ability to know how to position them correctly in the e-commerce world. We have dedicated teams that oversee their buying, development, daily website operations, performance marketing, data analysis and e-mail marketing – always with smart and strategic input controlling the processes. 

The next chink in the chain? A re-evaluation and online re-emergence of a proficient, representative and engaging digital flagship store. Powered by Shopify Plus, guided by us.


To continue Arte’s growth path, it was time to build a new Shopify Plus webshop. A new platform built on Online Store 2.0 to reflect the elevated positioning of the brand after its years of establishing itself as a strong player in the fashion scene, and also efficiently incorporate new expansion features and automation solutions.

More than ‘just’ showing products, the creative core and passion behind the designs needed to be felt throughout the customer journey on the website. We identified that the presentation of products should shift from commercial to conceptual as a means of enhancing the brand positioning. Further, with so much beautiful content available, they needed to start showing it in more places on the customer journey. Adding navigation and filters to make the shopping experience more efficient and smooth was also necessary. Next to that, it was time to revamp their code to Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 to take advantage of updated features (as we’ll dive into in the next section).


We considered the unique brand identity of Arte Antwerp when approaching the creation of the new webshop. Opting for a brutalist and experimental design, we reflected the artistic and creative core of the brand. We also wanted the website to show the elevated positioning that Arte has immersed itself into with its strong collections and audience following. A strong web presence should tell the story and heritage, therefore adding to the customer's understanding and experience of the brand. 

Our team of creative designers, Shopify developers, e-commerce managers and project managers led, designed, developed and launched the Arte Antwerp Online Flagship Store. Powered by Shopify Plus, this bold, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing outcome comes with a host of benefits.


Omnichannel launch strategy: teaser and subscriber collection pre-launch through Klaviyo. This grows the subscriber list by getting new subscribers interested, whilst engaging existing customers by creating momentum and buzz for the launch. 

Focus on the story, content and imagery through big images and the addition of an ‘Archive’ (dedicated pages telling the stories of past collections). This shows the creative focus of the brand, develops the connection with the brand and community through story-telling.

One-of-a-kind product page: large images, experimental feel. By doing this, the brand values of creativity are still evident, within a commercial context.

Improved customer experience with advanced functionalities in order to increase conversion rate and average order value.

  • Wishlist feature
  • Product recommendations
  • Extensive product information on the PDP
  • Improved sorting and filtering options on the product page

The new website is already the ultimate prize. But next to that, we achieved:

  • Conversion Rate increase 
  • Higher average order value 
  • Growth in revenue attributed to e-mail marketing due to omnichannel launch

Arte Antwerp is guided by a strong emphasis on the exchange of concepts and ideas, at once reflecting and engaging the creative landscape. Conceived of as a bridge between visionary communities, Arte Antwerp moves and connects across borders.