Pure Path reveals its elevated rebranding alongside a new Shopify Plus webshop


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Pure Path reveals its elevated rebranding alongside a new Shopify Plus webshop


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A rebrand signifies a step up in a brand’s journey and reveals new ambitions. After 15 years, Pure Path has reimagined itself and is ready to take on new challenges with its refreshed identity. Evolving from a small t-shirt collection to offering an inspiring and comprehensive wardrobe for modern men everywhere. This long-term client has worked with us across our three pillars: build, manage and grow. As is fitting for a big milestone rebranding, we completely revamped their Shopify Plus webshop from scratch. Here’s how we did it.


Since Pure Path had taken on a full rebranding, this meant that every part of the website had to be redesigned to showcase their new identity. This was an opportunity to tackle previous issues, create a new seamless customer journey and upgrade their platform to Online Store 2.0.

A few key points were:

- How to add product information more efficiently and add more information to the products?
- How to improve customer experience in navigating the webshop with clearer menus and advanced sorting and filtering options?
- How to improve return rates due to sizing disparities coming from online shopping and not being able to physically try on the clothing?
- How to improve customer experience with additional features that make shopping on their webshop a premium, mature experience, to reflect their new brand values?


It was imperative that the redesign and development would reflect key elements of the new brand identity. For example, Pure Path had expressed that the online proposition had to be strong, inspiring and reflect ambitious technological development. They also wanted their key value of versatility and accessibility to be clear from their online presence, meaning that their wide product ranges and collections should be easy to navigate and clear to all their audiences. 

With that in mind, we implemented the following steps to give their new branding the webshop it deserved. 

The additional feature of Metafields in Shopify 2.0 means that more product data can be added and managed far more efficiently. This extends to information about materials, product care, sizing and more. We also added more sizing information per product using this feature. These extra pieces of information per product would help the customer make a judgement on what size they need when it comes to purchasing.

We added an advanced filter with multi-selection per filter category, product type, size, colour, price and custom filter possibilities. A clear distinction between Essentials, Denim, New Arrivals and (occasional) Sale was also made for easier navigation and highlights what Pure Path is (or wants to become) known for; good essentials and a denim collection.  

To address their desire to be regarded as a more premium and mature brand, the webshop experience is important. We created a clear ‘wishlist’ feature, a subtle cross-selling option with a “wear with” tab per product description, plus an easy-to-browse collection page. On this page, customers can see how versatile the items are by seeing how they pair with others. Presenting the items in these ways gives a more calm webshop experience and reduces choice overload.


The finished product of the webshop is the best result both we and the client could hope for. A redesign that reflects the new identity of the brand, allows customers to understand and connect with the brand, which in turn breeds loyalty and ultimately more sales. The improvements regarding the features have contributed to a more efficient customer experience and a 23% conversion rate, compared with last year.