Better insights, better action: Introducing our new Data Services




March 2024

Better insights, better action: Introducing our new Data Services

The development of Data services in our Growth department is a unique opportunity that gives our clients a wealth of knowledge on metrics that really matter. A clean, direct and comprehensive overview of accurate and timely data that you didn’t have access to, until now. 

Our Data Services offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to empower e-commerce managers and marketing teams to make more accurate, timely and data-driven decisions. We’ve combined, streamlined, and filtered all relevant data from platforms like Shopify, Meta, TikTok, Google and Klaviyo into a relevant set of dashboards.

By using these dashboards, users will have access to all their top-line metrics, can do in-depth marketing-channel analysis, and get category and product performance insights, all in one place. This is crucial for driving strategic initiatives and daily decision-making.

An overview of the dashboards

E-commerce Dashboards
Offering top-line metrics such as revenue, orders, returns, sessions, conversions, and marketing spend, including product and category performance, ad-channel country and creative performance, and meta ad performance split by age and gender. These metrics provide a holistic view of the performance of your e-commerce operations, enabling you to make informed decisions that drive growth.

Return Dashboard
Gives detailed insights into actual sales and returns. By linking returns to their original order date it offers visibility into the actual performance of sales, returns, and orders over time, segmented by country, category, and product. With this information, you can identify trends and patterns to optimise your return management strategies and start reducing your returns.

Stock Velocity Dashboard
Gain timely insights into your current product and variant selling rates, stock levels, and days of stock left. This dashboard empowers you to make data-driven decisions on inventory management and product performance, ensuring optimal stock levels to meet customer demand while minimising carrying costs.

Customer Dashboard
Provides in-depth information on your customer lifetime value, customer acquisition costs and new and returning customer splits over time and per country. Using this dashboard you can get insights on how your strategies are affecting your customer retention and customer base, and act accordingly.

Progression dashboard
All e-commerce and marketing KPIs you could ever dream of in one overview. Evaluate how you are doing on your KPIs compared to your current targets and last year's performance, by country, month, week and day. All data-related management questions answered in one overview.

Research & Analysis

Besides getting access to our dashboards, we have set up a Data team that will work directly with clients.

By conducting relevant research and analyses, the team will provide you with the most up-to-date insights. Whether you have a specific question, a data issue that needs solving, or an obstacle that doesn’t quite make sense, the team can guide you end-to-end. A tailor-made service answering your needs; we can answer all data related questions. E.g. “What colours perform best for us in the summer?” “In what way does weather affect the sales of our collection?”

The NSL Data Dashboards are a game-changing development in fashion. They combine insights from all your ad managers, Shopify shops, Google Analytics and retention marketing.

Giving a comprehensive overview of all the metrics you need to unlock (otherwise untapped) potential in a dashboarding as a service solution.

Bram Verleur, Head of Data at NSL

Your single source of knowledge 

With an increasing trend into consent-based tracking and recent updates such as iOS 17 discontinuing support for UTM within Safari, it becomes increasingly difficult to gather meaningful data. Businesses will continue to face additional pressure and complications when it comes to reporting data consistently. 

We’ll ensure a continuous flow of relevant insights for informed decision-making by centralising all your e-commerce data into a single source of truth. From this central, clean, and easy overview, you can lead your entire e-commerce operation in the right direction.

With our dashboards and expert guidance, you’ll get better at identifying opportunities, be able to optimise strategies and accelerate your company's growth. Add custom data and grouping to that mix, as well as saving valuable time and energy and you’ll be flying way ahead in today’s competitive market.

Ready to supercharge your growth strategy by leveraging your data? Get in touch and book a free demo with our Data team now.