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Daily Paper’s future-proof e-commerce framework


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How we built a dedicated team of experts to create & manage an Agile e-commerce structure

Since its creation by three childhood friends in 2012, Daily Paper has become one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in Europe, with flagship stores in Amsterdam, London and New York. 

Alongside creating bespoke menswear and womenswear pieces, the brand heavily focuses on community-building by creating meaningful content and engaging in social initiatives.

In fashion e-commerce, change is inevitable, ongoing and fast paced. To thrive in this landscape and maintain growth, internal team structures and their tech stack must be able to support the speed and efficiency this ever-changing environment demands. With international growth and expansion in their sights, Daily Paper needed swift action for site localization, awareness strategies and optimisation. That required quickly setting up an efficient internal system with the right toolset and expert knowledge too.

As the business and challenges increase in complexity, so does the need for experts ready to act quickly. Creating an agile e-commerce internal structure allows teams to respond fast and frequently. We transform the year’s e-commerce calendar into a roadmap, which is then broken down into smaller increments to be actioned in bi-weekly sprints. This way, new features and optimisations are delivered incrementally while the team is ready to adapt to uncertainties. The approach improves communication and collaboration as the agile framework accommodates a team with different types of specialisations.


An agile team was built, with experts dedicated to running Daily Paper’s e-commerce – its webshop and performance channels. The profile and skillset of the team members were chosen and tailored to Daily Paper’s needs. Using the scrum methodology, the team is conducted by a Product Owner (PO) who acts as the bridge between this dedicated team and the brand’s internal stakeholders. The experts who action the sprint led by the PO are:

  • An E-commerce Manager who supervises several E-commerce Operations Specialists
  • Performance Marketers and Data Analysts
  • E-mail Marketing & Automation Specialists
  • Shopify Developers
  • User Experience Designers


By building an efficient Agile team, Daily Paper’s digital channels are now not only continuously maintained but also optimised based on data insights – helping them lead the response to trends and changes in the market.

  • Management of localised Shopify Plus multi-stores - Read more here
  • Implementation of a best-in-class tech-stack
  • Continuous data-driven merchandising of content, products and navigation
  • Alignment of strategies across paid and organic social, e-commerce and e-mail marketing with a consistent tone of voice and storytelling
  • Quick turnaround from content creation to publishing campaigns on digital channels


“It’s not enough to achieve rapid growth – you’ll also need to set up a team which is equipped with the right people and tools to be able to continue on the growth path, doing it faster and better than competitors can.”

Rodney Lam

CEO Daily Paper