Shifting the focus from B2B to D2C for premium-quality denim brand DENHAM






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Shifting the focus from B2B to D2C for premium-quality denim brand DENHAM


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See how DENHAM went direct and generated sustained growth with a multi-channel digital marketing approach.

DENHAM was founded in Amsterdam in 2008 by English jean maker Jason Denham. Driven by the pioneering spirit of the original blue jeans, the brand approaches design with passion and innovation while honouring tradition. With years of experience in wash recipes, fit perfection, and contemporary cuts, DENHAM only uses premium fabrics from the world's finest mills in Italy and Japan. 

DENHAM had already established a global retail presence by building a B2B network reaching over 20 countries, including cities like Amsterdam, Tokyo and Shanghai. To stay future proof, this growth needed to expand to Direct to Consumer (D2C) channels.

Shifting to D2C through e-commerce is a catalyst for growth. Our Performance Marketing team created a tailored strategy to reach the full growth potential of DENHAM in the home market and to focus on increasing presence in key international markets.


We used a multi-channel digital marketing approach to boost sales and growth across new and existing markets, creating a consistent funnel from awareness to conversion across those channels.

  • Extensively analysed past and current data to find the optimal way of reaching current and future customers
  • Worked closely with their team to continuously discuss results and propose new steps, making it possible to react quickly to opportunities
  • Deployed budget effectively when opportunities were spotted, to create higher return on investment while maintaining sustainedyear-on-year growth


By leveraging data from several marketing channels and being able to react quickly, the brand experienced sustained growth year after year.

  • 3 new countries grown into YoY
  • 73% increase in revenue YoY
  • 40% increase in traffic YoY
  • 53% increase in first-time customers YoY