Daily Paper’s first-ever dedicated collection website, built with Shopify’s Hydrogen


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Daily Paper’s first-ever dedicated collection website, built with Shopify’s Hydrogen


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How Daily Paper took collaboration to the next level with Shopify’s Hydrogen

Daily Paper is a global mens and womenswear brand that designs contemporary fashion celebrating African culture. The label is committed to creating clothing and community that inspires and educates.

The brand recently teamed up with New York-based record label Dreamville. Founded by Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist J. Cole, the label is home to established and up-and-coming artists like J.I.D, Ari Lennox, Bas, EarthGang, Cozz, Lute, and Omen.

The pair collaborated on a capsule collection ‘Dream Daily' – seven pieces created as an ode to the rich history of the African continent and its iconic educational institutions. We created Daily Paper’s first website dedicated to a collection for the project.

We wanted to push Daily Paper to give this project the platform it deserved: a dedicated website. One that authentically fused the two distinct brands and brought the collaboration and storytelling to life in a way that would do the concept justice.

Taking design cues from both brands, we created the first-ever stand-alone marketing website for Daily Paper. A space dedicated to the storytelling of the collection, the inspiration behind it, and the campaign creative. We championed the lead generation with an early-access sign-up and the post-launch sales push.


We leveraged Hydrogen, Shopify’s solution for building headless commerce sites. The stack allowed us to create a unique campaign site outside Daily Paper’s core website and seamlessly bring the two brands together.

  • Created a website dedicated to the capsule collection without being limited by Shopify’s Liquid theming language and barriers
  • Leveraged Hydrogen’s flexibility and simplified experience building to tell the story authentically for both brands
  • Used the increased speed and performance of Hydrogen’s underlying React framework to enhance user experience and our sales results
  • Generated hype through an early-access sign-up and countdown to launch
  • Drove sales after launch with a follow-up push across social platforms, email and the website


By creating this dedicated space, we built storytelling and interest around the collection. Our early access program was a success, generating anticipation and solid leads we continued to harvest later, resulting in a high sell-through rate. Even though our efforts focused on the US, the Worldwide and UK stores also saw a great response.

  • Over 2.500 early-access sign-ups
  • Highly anticipated collection release on set time and date
  • 70%+ sell-through rate on all products
  • Great visits and sales across the US, Worldwide and UK stores


“It’s not enough to achieve rapid growth – you’ll also need to set up a team which is equipped with the right people and tools to be able to continue on the growth path, doing it faster and better than competitors can.”

Rodney Lam

CEO Daily Paper