A replatforming to Shopify Plus brings FOUR a stronger online presence and a dedicated Kids website


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A replatforming to Shopify Plus brings FOUR a stronger online presence and a dedicated Kids website


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One of Amsterdam’s crown jewels when it comes to shopping, FOUR is a family-owned business that has been dressing locals and international visitors for over a decade. Offering multi-brands in contemporary, streetwear and luxury segments, their initial focus on menswear has since expanded to unisex clothing, accessories, footwear and an extensive Kids section.

Their online presence (running on Lightspeed) came secondary to their brick-and-mortar store. However, FOUR realised it was time to step up their digital game so they could conquer more and assert themselves as a serious online player too.

Our expertise in handling Shopify Plus made us the perfect partner to lead FOUR to a more efficient and trustworthy webshop that reflects the high standard and vast assortment of its offerings. This was a project that combined our two pillars of e-commerce and inherent fashion knowledge, giving an outcome that was both technically complex and strategically solid.


The suite of features from Shopify Plus was a better match for FOUR (than Lightspeed) as it’s able to handle a large assortment of sizes and multiple inventory locations, as is needed for a multi-brand retailer. At times, the webshop wasn’t able to accurately show the total number of stock and other logistical mistakes were also becoming common.

It was slow and difficult to navigate as well as having limited filter options, which for such a large assortment was not user-friendly. The lack of customisation was also problematic for a smooth shopping experience. Therefore, the webshop didn’t portray the image of FOUR as strong a retailer as they are.


Keeping the client’s description of needs and requirements in mind, we designed, developed and launched the B2C webshop. The UX mobile-first design needed to be easy to maintain for non-technical users and as functional as possible. We integrated things such as a multi-level navigation structure with sub-categories, an advanced search and filter functionality, and an advanced wishlist functionality.

The option to use video content on the homepage, landing page and product pages was also added to give depth to the content available on the webshop. By integrating the different platforms (Shopify Plus, Shopify POS, Klaviyo, different warehouses), we create omnichannel functionalities, such as a ‘back-in-stock’ automation that creates a customer journey from the product page to their email inbox.

Then we adjusted the design and code within the same Shopify Plus account as an expansion store for the Kids webshop. This is a valuable feature unique to Shopify Plus, allowing an expansion of multiple stores under one main platform. This helps with a cohesive and organised structure and reduces the risk of logistical errors.


First and foremost, a far more advanced and professional digital look and feel, fitting for the business and the brands it represents. The integrated tech stack of different warehouses, Klaviyo, and Shopify POS ensures a unified customer experience which operates in unison. On the frontend, the advanced filtering and sorting options make the shopping experience seamless, as do the ease of use of the drag-and-drop customisation options. Overall, the customer can shop with ease and have a positive experience.

The various improved aspects and features — for example, the overall webshop speed, easier navigation, and stock accuracy — complement the user’s experience and therefore the ability to generate more online revenue.