How Maha Amsterdam uses Klaviyo to connect to their community and nurture retention


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How Maha Amsterdam uses Klaviyo to connect to their community and nurture retention


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Maha’s space in Amsterdam’s retail space is unique. Catering to females who love all things streetwear, it’s a fashion-forward and empowering community where ‘hero women’ come to snap up unique pieces. But aside from their brick and mortar store, their online presence needed a boost and that’s where we came in.

We migrated them to Shopify, gave them a new webshop and took their e-mail marketing over to Klaviyo. Authentic connection with their community is key to Maha, so this type of marketing is a great way to align with their values through storytelling and enhance the customer experience.


The next next step in Maha’s growth journey was a migration from Mailchimp to Klaviyo as part of an enhanced e-mail marketing strategy. Maha recognised that to truly benefit from the revenue potential of e-mail and provide a personalised experience to their customers, Klaviyo was the way forward.

The reasons to move away from Mailchimp are related to the platform not being specifically created for Shopify merchants. Since it lacks the e-commerce data and automation features needed to gain data-driven insights about customers, this also hindered the potential for retention. As a result, sending standard newsletters was its main function for Maha, missing out on the opportunity to build strong, data-backed retention strategies. Klaviyo on the other hand, with its seamless integration and robust automation capabilities, offered Maha the tools they needed to elevate their e-commerce game and harness the full potential of e-mail marketing.


Klaviyo Onboarding:
Our dedicated Klaviyo onboarding service started with the set-up, integration with Shopify and hands-on training. Then we redesigned an e-mail template in the easy-to-use Klaviyo e-mail editor, which pulls the product content directly from Shopify, significantly reducing the time needed to add products to an e-mail.

Our efforts went further with the implementatin of the automated e-mail workflows. Klaviyo calls these ‘core flows’ including: welcome messaging, back-in stock notifications and abandoned checkout reminders. We worked alongside their team to make sure that the copy of these e-mails reflected Maha’s tone of voice, sounding warm and approachable.

Continuous Klaviyo optimisations
Our partnership with Maha extended beyond the initial onboarding. We provided ongoing support by continuously optimising existing flows, creating new ones based on purchase behaviours and preferences, and utilising data to segment their audiences. The Maha team simultaneously took charge of managing their own newsletter campaigns, ensuring a holistic and data-driven approach to their e-mail marketing strategy.


The metrics show that the migration to Klaviyo was a great move for Maha. It’s also a good example of how you can engage with e-mail marketing solutions in a way that feels right for your brand. 

Their Klaviyo strategy plays into customer retention, increasing CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) by encouraging repeat purchases and keeping customers up-to-date with launches and projects.

When we look at the data, it’s an easy success story:

  • Revenue attributed to Klaviyo consistently at 30% over the year
  • 60% of the revenue attributed to e-mails comes from e-mail automation (flows)
  • Average campaign open rate of 40% (above industry benchmark)

If this success story sounds like something you’d like for your own (new or existing) Klaviyo strategy, we’re here to help you get there. Drop us a line and we’ll carve out the next steps.