Grow your business with Shopify Plus and our expertise.

We help run your e-commerce on Shopify Plus, so you can focus on your business and vision.

For Fashion and Lifestyle brands that are looking into growing their e-commerce business with the best-in-class tech-stacks, Shopify Plus is the platform to pick.

Whether your shop is already running on a different Shopify plan or if you’re coming from a different platform, this enterprise solution will help you expand across borders and take your operations to the next level.

Here, we breakdown when it’s time to migrate to Shopify Plus:

If you passed the mark of €1 million in yearly revenue

If you’re focusing on expanding internationally or managing more brands within the same Shopify plan

If your shop needs additional advanced customisation options

If your of site operations need to me automated to become scalable

If you’re looking for better transactional fees and additional methods provided by Shopify Payments

Our clients on Shopify Plus

With Shopify Plus you’ll unlock the tools needed to grow your e-commerce

Script editor

Script Editor gives you even more control to write your own scripts without relying on additional apps. Unique features include customizable shipping methods, special discounts and promotions. The capabilities are endless.

Shopify Flow

Automate many tasks, from your day-to-day processes to more consumer-facing tasks like buyer experience—saving you tons of time and boosting efficiency. All without any coding on your part.

Unlimited staff accounts

Unlimited Staff Accounts so you don't have to worry about growing your workforce. In your store admin, you can access unlimited staff accounts and grant permissions to any number of your team members.


Launchpad is helpful in planning and automating processes towards a promotional event such as product launches or sales campaigns — enabling you to do more while also freeing up your time.

Personalized checkouts

Enhance your customers' checkout experience and create a unique customer journey to help solidify your brand. With personalized checkouts, you can design different layouts, update as you wish, and A/B test them to see which works best with your customers.

24/7 support service

During kick-off, you're provided with a launch partner to help set up your webshop. Once your stores are up and running, you can reach out to Merchant Success Managers and Plus Support to answer all your questions.

Expansion stores

Each Shopify Plus account comes with the ability to add nine additional webshops in conjunction with your main store, bringing you a total of 10. Use those to extend your goods and services to a global audience in their local language and currency.

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