A Shopify 2.0 refresh to speed up Rino & Pelle’s webshop and improve overall sales and conversion


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A Shopify 2.0 refresh to speed up Rino & Pelle’s webshop and improve overall sales and conversion


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Faster mobile site speed


Faster desktop site speed


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in total sales


Founded in the Netherlands, Rino & Pelle brings contemporary fashion items for affordable prices to women worldwide. Their commitment to craftsmanship and quality design has been a core promise they’ve delivered on for over three decades.

Rino & Pelle have been a partner of ours for the last three years. We replatformed them to Shopify as an initial step to boost their direct-to-consumer (D2C) efforts and since then, have played a pivotal role in their e-commerce journey. From development, to performance marketing, data analysis and e-mail marketing via Klaviyo, our immerse approach has brought the brand’s online presence to a whole new level.

Our next step was updating their store to Shopify 2.0 to keep up with the latest in e-commerce technology and optimisations.


The greatest obstacle to Rino & Pelle’s existing online presence was the webshop speed. Since the original webshop was an adaptation of their B2B webshop (and therefore desktop compatible only), there was a lot of legacy code that wasn’t needed and this interfered with the progress. Over time it also became apparent that the Shopify theme wasn’t best suited for the needs the client had in order to offer the best experience for their customers. For example, there were no advanced filter and sorting options, colour swatches were limited to just 100 per collection page, product data was being managed twice and overall, legacy code slowed down the website further.


As demand grew, we had to adapt and offer a new strategy. By building a whole new custom theme instead of just adding functionalities and features onto the existing website, we created an efficient and functional website. We built on three key pillars to get the client where it needed to go.

Improving consumer experience

Prioritising the customer’s shopping experience was a key adjustment with the Shopify 2.0 update.
Moving from a desktop-first to mobile-first design allowed for speed optimisation, which was crucial when it comes to keeping the customer happily browsing. Further, adding multiple languages, currencies and support meant that their audiences could feel more included and get new consumers interested. Shopify 2.0 allowed for advanced searches, a wishlist feature, and better product presentation (to name a few) which give the customer a more seamless time on the webshop.

Enhanced efficiency

As well as a consumer user-friendly experience, Rino & Pelle also wanted their team to navigate the webshop with ease on the back end. So we built a Shopify store and integrated Klaviyo tools that were easy to maintain for their non-technically trained team. They wanted Klaviyo marketing to be personalised and feature dynamic prices to engage consumers and boost spending through e-mail. By optimising their existing flows and expanding to new ones, we utilised the Klaviyo tools to the best of their ability. Further, we built out an SEO log so that they could write articles about collections, collaborations and relevant topics in a way that also boosted the website.

Customisation and integrated features

Integrated features are a great way to create a more authentic approach with customers on the website. For example, to nurture more community building, we added their Instagram feed on the homepage. We also added a ‘shop the look’ section on the product page in order to match similar products and boost overall aesthetics of the page and encourage other shopping options.

Besides using Klaviyo for its marketing tools, they wanted to keep the synergy by using it to review products. Therefore everything would be under the same platform which in some cases is very useful - especially since the team is less technically driven.

We also put focus on enhancing the B2B functionalities. We linked the B2B site in the footer of the B2C shop and created a custom landing page with all of their international agents.


Speed was a key performance element we wanted to enhance with migrating to Shopify 2.0, and the data confirmed we managed. With the user experience being more seamless and enjoyable, as well as the additional focus on performance marketing and e-mail marketing, results are evident with a greater conversion rate and sales.

An overall increase in site speed:

  • Desktop: 85% faster than before 
  • Mobile: 51% faster than before

Since the launch of their Shopify 2.0 store, the conversion rate increased by 61% and the total sales increased by 97%.