Why we are convinced Shopify is the best platform out there.

Millions of brands around the world have chosen Shopify to grow their business. Shopify empowers merchants everywhere with omni-channel solutions, online and offline.

Hosting and security

The fact that the Shopify system is cloud based and that all sites are securely hosted is an attractive proposition. You no longer have to deal with the frustrations of hosting your own stores and paying in excess for this and for additional security measures.

Self-hosting brings with it other issues such as downtime as well. Shopify is famous for its 99.99% website uptime, a statistic that few can match. Add to this the up-to-date security patches (Shopify has Level 1 PCI DSS compliance - same as international banks) and the continual platform updates. All at a flat fee - life suddenly starts to appear easier.

Reliability and scalability

This 99.99% uptime means that Shopify is reliable and speedy. It also means that the platform can easily cater for huge and sudden growth. If we look at the huge numbers many stores receive around flash sales, then this becomes important. Self-hosted platforms simply cannot handle large spikes in traffic and a store can become rapidly overwhelmed.

Ease of use

Let’s face it, Shopify’s admin is just prettier. It is also more logical and intuitive. Its drag & drop functionality means that nearly anyone can go in and make simple changes without the need for and expense of a developer.

Remarkable speed

Google recommends a page response time of under 500 milliseconds. And this is a ranking factor. Remarkably, Shopify stores average page response times of 80 milliseconds. Compare this to for example Woocommerce's 665 milliseconds, which makes Shopify around 8.5x faster as the average open-source store.

Point of Sale

Shopify offers the POS system with everything you need to sell in person, backed by everything you need to sell online. Seize more sales with a frictionless omni-channel strategy consisten across your online and offline stores.

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The go-to platform to gather and understand relevant data about your customers. Grow your business through personalized e-mail marketing and automation.

Mollie is a payments platform that offers an easy-to-implement process for integrating multiple payment methods into your Shopify store, with local payment methods such as iDEAL, Bancontact, Bitcoin, Giropay, Klarna, and more.

Loyalty & Rewards, SMS, Reviews and much more. Yotpo is a go-to for Shopify merchants who maximize the value of their customers with connected omnichannel solutions.

We know how impactful your customer support is for your brand’s growth. Stone & Bridges is a Customer Service consultancy that helps brands by creating and implementing an expansion-proof support process.

The customer service helpdesk designed and built for Shopify merchants. It seamlessly integrates all your store’s customer information and order history into one portal.

We are certified Shopify Experts specialised in Fashion & Lifestyle scale-up brands. We design and develop for growth - always in Shopify.