NSL goes Paris Fashion Week: Not Selling Coffee




August 2023

NSL goes Paris Fashion Week: Not Selling Coffee

This Summer in June, our team headed to Men’s Paris Fashion Week with the first edition of ‘Not Selling Coffee’. In collaboration with Shopify Plus, we brought a one-of-a-kind coffee cart on wheels from Amsterdam to the Le Marais neighbourhood where the showrooms are based. We connected with buyers, founders and creative directors from around the world, meeting new merchants and connecting with existing partners.

The ‘Not Selling Coffee’ initiative also marked a new chapter for us, as it celebrated the launch of our new proposition and brand identity. “E-commerce is our language, fashion is our culture” – the ethos that we stand by, which comes to life through our purpose to power the stories of fashion. We do that with our 360° way to ‘build, manage and grow’, where we create sustained growth by working from all angles with our various experts: designers, developers, e-commerce managers, data analysts, digital marketeers and more. This end-to-end approach enables a new range of possible territories to be uncovered in the digital space for the next-generation brands that we work with.

Our focus on fashion and consistent presence at PFW comes from our belief that fashion and e-commerce are no longer two separate worlds. They're codependent and influential on one another, giving and taking, enhancing and elevating. Our mission is to power the stories of fashion by combining the strength of each industry - the data-driven rationale of e-commerce and the creative artistic expression of fashion, we see unlimited potential for the enrichment and incremental growth of brands.


If you’re interested in working with us to also power the stories and growth of your fashion brand, reach out to our team at new@notsellingliquid.com.