Our Summer '23 Shopify Editions Highlights




July 2023

Our Summer '23 Shopify Editions Highlights

Every six months, Shopify announces the launch of new changes and features through the highly anticipated Shopify Editions. This year’s Summer Editions was launched yesterday, bringing together over 100 updates bundled under this edition’s theme ‘Imagine’. These updates aim to empower merchants for international expansion, enable e-commerce teams in automating more processes, and equip developers to build better.

Here are this edition’s highlights that our team was most enthusiastic about.

Shopify Magic

Before the launch of Summer Editions 2023, Shopify had already taken over headlines in the e-commerce world when its CEO Tobi Lütke announced Sidekick, an AI solution built directly into Shopify. Now, this is part of a wider AI workbook with features across the entire platform: writing product descriptions, analyzing data, providing instant replies, and more.

Localised and B2B content right from the Store Editor

Customizing your online store for different customers is made easy now that sections and blocks can be adjusted according to their context. For Shopify B2B, this means that adjusting the content for wholesale is now easily managed in the Online Store editor. The same logic of the feature also applies to Shopify Markets - content in sections and blocks can seamlessly be adapted directly from the Online Store editor for specific markets. More here.

Even more B2B focus [Shopify Plus only]

Shopify continues to focus on making it easier to sell D2C and B2B from the same store. A bundle of new features and optimisations grouped under ‘B2B on Shopify’ were announced, including volume pricing, wholesale migration tool and Paypal for B2B. More here.

Enhancements to the Online Store editor

Flexible sections:
One of the most exciting features announced is the ‘CSS Flexbox’, which enables more flexible customization in the Online Store editor. It’s possible to effortlessly modify the size, alignment, group, and edit sections.

Content previews:
Another small but important enhancement to the Online Store editor is the ability to preview new sections before adding them to the editor. 

More info.

An uplifted design of the Admin

The design updates in the Admin have made data and content clearer and added interactivity. With improved fonts, icons, and higher information density, the new design aims to be practical but expressive. The settings system has also been redesigned, making it easier to navigate and find the content needed.

And, perhaps one of the most noticeable changes, is the switch from green to black for a more ‘Pro’/mature association. All changes can be found here.

Combining discounts

Sometimes, you might want to let customers combine different discounts together. Automatic discounts and discount codes can now be combined, and you choose the eligible combinations.  Customers can use a maximum of 5 discount codes on a single order. Find all details here.

Checkout extensions [Shopify Plus only]

Shopify has heavily expanded its checkout extensions with 17 new APIs and updates. With customized delivery options, cart validation for implementing rules and gates, and address validation, the checkout process continues to be a priority for Shopify. View all changes.

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